Father’s Day

Dad, Daddy, Grandad, Pa, Uncle, Brother, or Husband, who ever that special man is in your life, the one who is or has been a Father Figure. The one who you think of on Father’s Day each year?! Treasure him!

As a little girl, my Daddy was the ‘bees knees’ and he could do no wrong, even to this day. My father lives in Queensland and I live in Perth. What I would give to hug him right now as my missing him can sometimes be all too consuming.

I am a firm believer that all children need adult role models. As a child you need that one person whom you can look up to, that one person who will love you unconditionally, be honest, nurturing and supportive. This may or may not be a biological parent or relative, it may be a neighbour, an older sibling, a friends parent, a grandparent or even a foster carer. Who ever this is for you, remember to hold them close and say thanks once in a while! It doesn’t necessarily have to be Father’s Day or any particular special day, just let them know you care and appreciate them. Don’t miss an opportunity to remind them that they are a special part of your life!

And if you are that someone to a child.., treasure them also. Be there, listen, make them laugh and most importantly, make sure they know that they are loved!!

Happy Father’s day to all of those Dad’s and Father figures that have raised or are raising a small person! Love to you all!

With love,

Michelle x


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