A little bit for every taste.

When you think of an Art Gallery do you imagine white walls, white floors, minimal works by a few select artists? Do you see large open spaces with quirky bright abstract paintings by artists you have never heard of? Perhaps you envision clutter or old paintings by deceased artists? Do you expect to see local, famous or overseas artists? Do the words expensive and snobby or weird and unfinished come to mind?

Whatever impression you may or may not have of art galleries , be it good, bad or otherwise, you are sure to be wowed and impressed when you walk in the door at Just Add Passion. There is an eclectic blend of wonderful treasures to be found inside each room. With our setting in the beautiful Perth Hills inside an exquisite and very old house, in fact one of the oldest houses in Stoneville, we guarantee that when you leave it will be with a smile on your face!

We believe that Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Art comes in many shapes and forms and takes on many faces. Some may say, as we do, that there is an art to mowing a lawn, cutting hair, selecting an outfit to wear, making a sandwich or cup of tea. And there certainly is an art to decorating a room, especially if that room is part of a Gallery.

Yes, you will find paintings and drawings, prints of paintings plus sculptures and tea, soap, aprons, little girls dresses, pottery and everything in between. We have a little bit for every taste, at very affordable prices, by wonderfully talented Western Australian Artists.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

With love,

Michelle x

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