Hill Billy Iron Works

Until 2nd October 2016 Michael Parker from Hill Billy Iron Works will be our ‘Artist of the Month’ in his ‘Revolution of Rust’ Exhibition.

A must see exhibition. Very different, very industrial, bold and quirky!

Hello there, my name is Michael Parker and this, being my very first exhibition, has me a little excited!

I was born in SA but raised in WA. I am a big kid by nature and have been a happy Hills resident for the past 17 years along with Michelle and our beautiful daughters Kaitlen and Chloe.

Life’s good!

I love to create visions and works that are both pleasing to the eye and fascinating to the mind. While appreciating all forms of art, I tend to dabble mostly in steel, wood, found objects, airbrushing and pin-stripping.

Drawing on my many years of working with machines and steel, what you see here is the by-product of my ‘madness’ and an outlet for my ‘tortured’ mind. This exhibition reflects my love of mechanical and structural marvels, which have heavily influenced my creations. This is but a mere snippet of the crazy ideas whizzing around in my mind!

 Please Enjoy, there is plenty more to come!!!                                      

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