Who am I? What’s it all about?

I am Michelle. I admire, promote and encourage the creativity in those around me. I have a varied background in the arts, healing and hospitality which led me to create a haven for like-minded souls, aptly named Just Add Passion.

The aim of the Gallery is to provide a platform for the up and coming and established Western Australian Artists and Australian Authors to showcase their works in a relaxed and loving environment. Just Add Passion is a place where creative souls are free to express who they are and discover that when someone believes in you, you are able to shine and be the best you that you can be. A place to help others realise their potential, to show that although we may have differing tastes, it is beneficial to all, that we appreciate the talent and time taken to create art in any genre. No one person is better than another, we are all the same. Someone will absolutely love what you do, never give up.

We are, at times, our own worst enemies. We can be so self-critical that we often don’t see what others may see. As a creative person, be it painting, sculpting, drawing or even writing, we tend to think, ‘It’s not good enough, I can do much better’. Whereas an outsider may think our work is brilliant. At Just Add Passion we encourage you let go of the self-doubt; just let go and simply be. Enjoy the journey, the process and allow the experience to help you grow. Have fun with what you are doing and have faith in the fact that someone will love it!

Art for sale, Artist of the Month exhibitions, Author of the Month displays, Art workshops, natural therapies, de-stress workshops and meditation are just a few of the wonderful things we have on offer.

Coming soon.., pamper days, art competitions, open days and a permanent coffee van!

Keep smiling, treasure life’s journey and always be true to yourself.

Michelle x



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