Mundaring Hills Open Studios

13001140_988995317851919_5955424643918274503_nWhat will you be doing on the weekend of 29th & 30th October?

How does the opportunity to have a glimpse inside the studios of eleven very talented Hills Artists sound? They are a talented and friendly bunch and for this particular weekend you have the privilege to see them in their ‘natural habitat’. Some may work in chaos, some may appear to be very neat and orderly, some are up for a good laugh, some are simply a joy to be around. Foremost, they are a wonderful eclectic bunch of creative people willing to open their studios to you , the public, and this is a must not miss event!

Our Gallery has a collection of works by these Artists for you to view and/or purchase. We will have some other treats in store for you, so stay tuned either here or on Facebook. Come and say hi to all of these Artists and to us. Try some of our cake/slices, have a cuppa and a chat but most of all.., don’t miss out on having a fabulous weekend!

Download your Google Map and follow the trail to meet some of the Hills finest Artists at… 

See you soon!

Keep smiling and stay creative!

Michelle x

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