Buy the Art!

You have made the decision to purchase art for your home or office. Where do you go from here? Just Add Passion Gallery in Stoneville WA, that’s where!

Buying art is a very personal thing. All factors have to be considered and everything has to feel right.

Do you know exactly what you want and will you search until you find it? Do you have a vague idea but when you start looking you become overwhelmed, you become confused about what it is you really want and what will suit your décor? Are you a beige kind of soul or the brighter the better kind? Are you orderly or a little bit eclectic in your taste? Can you visualise the piece that has caught your eye hanging on your wall at home? Are you a bring your own colour swatches with you person? Do you fall in love with a work of art only to convince yourself that it won’t suit your décor or you simply can’t afford it? Do you then spend as little as possible and buy the mass produced canvas from a chain store? It looks alright; but it has no soul and it certainly won’t be a conversation piece. It may match the colour of your lounge cushions but has it really won your heart? Will you still love it a year from now because let’s face it; you really did buy it on a whim. That’s not to say you can’t buy ‘real’ art on a whim but at least the ‘real’ art won’t be thrown out and taken to the good Samaritans shop. Well, I hope not!

Going in to Art Galleries can be daunting; some Galleries may feel very clinical and stuffy and well dare I say, wankerish. All white walls, minimal spaces and choices. Some are very different indeed, focusing more on the surreal and abstract but maybe not quite suited to the family living room. At Just Add Passion you will be welcomed with open arms, a big smile and a space that feels just like home. We do have an eclectic range that’s for sure; but our displays are second to none, inviting, warm and friendly and are purposely created to help you visualise what may work in your own home.

Being an artist is a job! Just like the council gardener, the rubbish man or your child’s teacher; it is a chosen profession by a creative soul who cannot possibly imagine themselves doing anything else. They can bring a sense of fun to a somewhat harsh world and we should support them, just as you would support your local grocer, chemist or shoe salesman. They are real people who wish to pursue their dreams, as we all should. I personally cannot imagine a world without artists, musicians, actors, performers or creatives of any kind. How sad, dull and boring it would be?!

I ask you to consider the creator when you are next on the hunt for a gift or a new piece of art for your home. Think twice and buy the real art please; because that painting, sculpture or drawing created by the hands of a living, breathing person, who like you and me, has bills to pay and food to buy; is worth its weight in Gold. They may have literally taken years to complete that particular piece or they may have nailed it in a week but I can guarantee you that the artist put their heart, blood, sweat and tears in to it. They may have struggled and felt their weight of insecurity thinking this piece is not good enough. They may be very confident and love each creation just as much as the last. The art work you are about to purchase might very well be the artist’s first sale and this; this will stay with the artist forever! You have just made their day, their week, and their year!

In conclusion, buy the art, the ‘real’ art and support someone’s mother, father, sister, daughter or friend. Don’t buy mass produced. Real art is an investment and one thing is for certain; our Art Gallery is not trying to rip you or the artists off. We are merely a port of call, a support and a haven for our local Western Australian artisans and you. We are here to make you smile and allow you to appreciate art and our artists as much as we do.

Keep smiling and stay creative!

With love,

Michelle xx

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