A happy place!

Wow, time flies, we are now in to March and I have to say things are ticking along nicely. Our Author part of the ‘family’ is slowly growing and I must say.., Authors truly are a delightful bunch of people. I have met so many over the past two years and feel very honoured to call some of these gorgeous people my dearest friends!

I would go as far to say that they are a species all of their own, they have huge hearts, cheery dispositions, they are more often than not ever so helpful and genuinely make you smile on the inside. When you spend time with Authors they envelope you in their warmth and time just slips away. Spending time with these individuals is most often a highlight of my day.

That’s not to say our Artists are anything but wonderful because let’s face it, creatives of any kind are sunny people. People who follow their passions, make for interesting conversation and at times can teleport you in to a world of imagination much like when you were a child.

I am so very privileged to be able to spend my days surrounded by the wondrous talents of these people every day. Their amazing creations are all around me, they visit me often and that makes me feel very special indeed.

So to all of the creative people out there.., keep on being you and making this world the beautiful place it truly is.

With love,

Michelle xx

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