The love of your life.

tic-tac-toe-1777859_960_720Why do we tend to stroll through our lives appearing to be half asleep?

We say we want love in our lives, but mostly we shut ourselves off from it.

Walls are formed around our hearts in the hope of keeping out hurt, disappointments and pain, but in the end, we are merely hurting ourselves by not embracing that one elusive thing.., true and passionate love.

I am not talking about ripping your clothes off passion, (although that may come in to it) I am talking about allowing another in to your soul and sharing every aspect of what can be the most exhilarating experience of your life.

The stuff you see in the movies does exist in real life, but first you need to be open to receive. Yes, there is every chance that you may get hurt, but this is also what makes it worth the risk. We have emotions for a reason; to embrace them and experience them, to grow and learn from them. Our negative emotions and fears are just as real as our positive emotions and desires. Hiding from them, blocking or denying them can be unhealthy indeed. The trick is to acknowledge them, accept them and embrace them. Once you do this, you are able to control them.

As children we feel so much, we embrace everything and then we grow up. We become responsible adults and forget about ‘living’. Living is first and foremost, in my mind, about love and not just the surface kind of love. I am talking deep, unbridled passionate love, the kind we all want but are too damn scared to allow in.

When we are children we barrel ahead with a sense of awe in everything around us, we throw everything we have at our chosen subject and if rejected, lost or broken, we throw everything we have at that also. As we grow up, we are told to stop being so emotional; eventually we shut down. We shut down a vital part of ourselves and proceed throughout the rest of our lives cautious and timid and barely existing.

We are not here to be unfeeling sheltered robots; we are here to feel everything, to embrace everything and to soar beyond the depths of our human limitations. We are not simply flesh and blood, we are life, death, soul and essence, we are energy and vivacity and we should be devouring life and those around us. We should be allowing our hearts to fully open and fold around the things and the people we love.

We have the strength to endure anything, yet we may spend our lifetime only giving and receiving what we deem as acceptable love in small portions, possibly missing the point of life completely.., LOVE.

With love always,

Michelle xxx


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